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  • Damper Design.

    GWTS is able to determine the building response to buffeting by using state-of-the-art wind engineering techniques.

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Damper Design

The increasing height of tall buildings, accompanied with the use of light materials, means that modern day buildings are becoming more sensitive to wind. These flexible buildings may be subjected to excessive levels of vibration under the action of wind. Excessive levels of vibration adversely affect serviceability and occupants’ comfort in a building. In response to this challenge, to achieve design objectives, there are number of motion control methods. GWTS consultants provide a liquid column or liquid slashing damper design. The choice of the damper depends on the available space, the level of accelerations reduction required and the structural layouts. Our service includes experimental test of the dampers before the full scale construction, tuning the damper at 85 to 90% completion of the building, testing for effectiveness, commissioning and monitoring during services.

We provide other type of damper design service in association of Motion Control Consultants of Los Angeles, USA.